Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hey ma look, it's me!

I was gathering together some photos of me from this blog recently after someone requested them, so I thought I'd share them with you. This is the most self-indulgent post I've ever made, even by this blog's usual Onanistic standards, but this chronological collection could at least be useful for nutrionists interested in charting my weight loss throughout my travels (apparently I got fat before I left Edinburgh and was a shrivelled wreck again by the time I got to Thailand - really? How did I not notice?)

Putting this together, I noticed that I really don't take that many photos of myself any more - like I don't feel the need to get in the frame as evidence that I actually visited a place (unless it seems funny). Either the novelty of having a camera was finally worn off, or I've become less vain over time. Says the guy who just spent a couple of hours compiling a blog post all about himself, consisting entirely of images of himself.

This is just photos of me that you've probably already seen (though some are from slightly different angles - exciting!) It might be me next to a thing, me doing a thing or me wearing a thing, but the subject is still me. Seriously, there are about 50 of them - this is the equivalent of my Facebook tagged images or something. If you're not interested in me, don't read more.

Fat Dave? Certainly deathly pale Dave.
This passport photo was taken in August 2010, shortly before I set off

Me in Egypt

Me exploiting a camel in Giza. Those pasty legs reveal I hadn't been travelling for long

Me next to some bloody big things at Luxor Temple

Me in a spooky tomb. Woooooooo!

Me next to a... whatever that is, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Me in Taiwan

Me at Taipei 101

Me at Tianxiang

Me and some random Korean girl who wanted a photo taken with me in Kaohsiung.
I was so confused that I got them to take one with my camera too. Why? What's this for?

Me in Thailand

Me by a cock rock on Koh Samui

Me and some skels at Dream World

Me getting chomped to death at Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo

Me in Malaysia

Me by a violent thing at Fort Cornwallis

Me excited about meeting some monkeys. They were apathetic at best

Me in bloody Malacca. Most of these photos make me nostalgic, but this one just reminds me of being trapped there for three weeks

Me on Coral Island. I've spared you the sight of my topless, ripped body. I mean ribbed

Me on some creaky thing in Taman Negara

Me in Singapore

Me with a beard in Singapore. It was itchy, but I liked it. Bloody women

Me at the gates of Hell. Observe that my legs are now of a different race to the rest of me

Me in Indonesia

Me inside Ijen Crater

Me next to Lake Bratan Temple

Me wearing a thing in the Sacred Monkey Forest

Me getting eaten by Goa Gajah

Me at Lake Batur

Me in the Philippines

Me at Taal Volcano. I think I'd lost my prescription sunglasses by this point

Me in Borneo

Me with some hilarious monkeys at Labuk Bay

Me in a cave

Me in Thailand again


Me and Uncle Tow

Me in Cambodia

Me by Angkor Wat

Me at Ta Som

Me in South Korea

Me on Jeju-do

Me riding a massive green cock next to a giant speckled arse. You know, for a change

Me being a six-year-old girl

Me in Japan

Me in Fukuoka. Yes, I just have the one coat

Me on Rigel VII

May not have happened

Me in Sri Lanka (coming soon)

Yes, these blogs are a bit behind

What the bloody heck is that? This'll keep 'em readin'!

There'll be more new content next time, I promise. It might not be any good, but there'll be more oversized photos to upload and consume bandwidth, and that's what counts.


  1. Replies
    1. But was I fat in Edinburgh? Two people have commented on my passport photo looking fat. It would be great if it was true, I need to gain at least 10kg to be 'normal.'

  2. I don't remember you being at all fat, but you do look fuller figured (faced?) in the passport photo and your first Egypt photo than you do in more recent ones. I don't think you have much to worry about, but if you do there are plenty of liposuction options, as well as non-surgical procedures, available to you.

    1. I got similarly unusually excited just now when someone pointed out that I had a few white hairs. But then it turned out they were just talking about sideburn hairs, which aren't even real hairs. Still youthful and not obese, what a bummer :(

    2. Maybe I'm in luck after all - someone recently told me that my torso looks like I used to be fat and lost the weight, leaving me with unpleasant folds. Hooray/sob!