Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big momma's temple

After a month in Indonesia, it's easy to succumb to temple fatigue. Especially after seeing the same mass produced ornamentation everywhere, and stores selling these minarets and things looking pre-worn and artificially aged. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out Bali was constructed from fibreglass in 1992, its entire Hindu heritage a cunning marketing ploy.

But I'm glad I saved the Mother Temple until last. After you see this bad mother, you don't ever need to see another temple again. Except maybe that scary one from Indiana Jones with the cool mine cart ride. That would be ace.

Bessakih Temple,
East Bali

Mount Batur (left) and Lake Batur (right). Obviously

Slope of Mount Agung. Someone left their temple complex here

I don't know what all this means

You could pay extra to these clearly honest men to see the ceremony inside.
Or you could go back down, go up the steps on the right and get in for free

All these carefully constructed and meticulously aligned temples and I'm more attracted by a bloody wind chime. Look, the guy's pulling the cow!

The smoke almost gives this a foreboding Bridge of Death atmosphere.
The screeching woman hassling me to buy drinks only added to it

Wheels of Dharma. I wonder what happens if I turn them...?

What have I done???
It's like something from a Clive Barker nightmare

Royal Courts of Justice,

A final stop at the heart of the ancient capital to see how it all began... at least, that would have been nice if the Dutch hadn't destroyed it all. Never mind, the Indonesians built a nice pavilion in its place, and there's some nice green water.

Taman Gili

Vigilant statue

Kerta Gosa edifice

Big daddy

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