Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bedugul? No, the gull and I are just good friends

There's more to enjoy in Bedugul than just low temperatures and pushy strawberry merchants. Look, there are also temples and things.

Lake Bratan Temple
(Pura Ulun Danu Bratan)

They built this place for lake goddess Ida Batara Dewi Ulun Danu in 1633 on the actual lake. That's dedication - most lake goddesses are content with small gestures like infant sacrifice, or putting out fruit baskets in front of your home and wastefully leaving them to rot and/or get run over by Indonesian drivers with no concept of road safety (which is all of them).

This place is nicer when you go there at 5AM to beat the influx of French tourists. I've inexplicably met more Frenchies in Indonesia than any other species, I wonder what that's about. If only they spoke English like normal people, so I could ask them.

Fishing for lake goddesses

How many times do I have to tell you people, leave your goddamn monkeys in the car

It's time for another round of... elbow or tit?

Less terrifying once you realise it's making jazz hands

The original Hindu template for the Power Rangers, complete with Zords.
Except slightly less racist.

(They did put the black actor in the black suit and the Asian actress in the yellow one, right? Like those were the only natural options. Was the red ranger a Native American too? Do you dig this rubbish, out of date observational comedy?)

Lt. Commander Data is revered in the Balinese Hindu faith

Bali Botanic Garden,

7,000 rupiah (50p) is a fair price to pay to get away from (most of) the needlessly loud motorbikes that spoil so much of Indonesia. I have no hilarious captions for these photos, it was just a pleasant walk - why not come up with your own hilarious commentary? Here's an easy one to start you off: