Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thaisland hopping

I tried to make a panorama, but the experiment failed miserably

Last stop on the snorkelling tour was Koh Nang Yuan, a dinky island that I've wanted to visit since I first saw it on the approach to Koh Tao. It's private land, which means a small entry fee, a fascistic approach to littering (which should be implemented globally) and no worries about pesky health and safety concerns when designing perilous tourist trails.

You'd better appreciate these photos - my respiratory system was already knackered even before the climb, thanks to breathing through a plastic tube for most of the afternoon. Maybe that's why this pair of grassy mounds, connected by a strip of beach, reminded me of a pair of lungs? On a normal day, my thoughts would probably have been elsewhere (though still in roughly the same anatomical region).

Koh Nang Yuan above, below and well above sea level

Approaching Koh Nang Yuan

Unreasonably attractive people on the beach (nang yuan is Thai for 'attracting lady').
Have you ever tried talking to someone wearing a bikini? It's embarrassing.
In fact, I'm going to stop wearing bikinis altogether

Dinky fish in the Japanese Garden.
Stolen from CarmJasSon

Freakish giant clam in the Japanese Garden.
Stolen from takau99

High and almost dry. Too bad there's no money shot of me in snorkelling gear with my Great British Tan (ghostly white where the sun don't shine)

For someone who isn't on holiday, I'm having a disconcertingly good time.
Pink wristband was strictly regulation. Pink drink was by choice

Next stop: Koh Samui


  1. Thailand looks nice. I don't quite understand why it isn't completely covered in rubbish and cows, but I think I quite like that approach to life.

  2. I keep forgetting Bangkok is in Thailand, it was a completely separate experience from everything that came after. Thailand isn't exempt from shitholes!

  3. I'm so jealous, Thailand looks amazing. Oliver, I can't believe you want to sit around not talking for ten days when you could be going to nice places like that and looking at the fish.

  4. Let's all be expats.

    I'll let you know if I find a better place than Thailand. It hasn't happened yet.