Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't have a Kaohsiung, man

What's that? A twenty-years-out-of-date Bart Simpson reference that has practically no relevance to the subject matter (Kaohsiung architecture)? And you thought I'd lost it? Eat my shorts, naysayers!


Ay caramba! It's the gravity-defying Tuntex 85 Sky Tower and some artistic debris.
(Maybe that's the bit that fell out?)

Bai-Li Ocean Empire: non-identical twins

I don't know who this is! I saw her challenge her friend to rock, paper, scissors before she bounded over and asked for a photo. The question is: did she win or did she lose...?
(Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza in the background)

Central Park

Fa-Ching Buddhist Temple

Martyrs' Shrine

If these two buildings are reflective, why are they different colours?

Holy Rosary Cathedral, looking almost as out of place as I do

Kaohsiung Twin Tower at dusk

Grand Hi-Lai Hotel: Batman shot


  1. The rock, paper, scissor idea is genius! She was totally hitting on you. If she wasn't, I'm going to use that technique to hit on girls.

  2. Maybe they were Korean? Someone told me that in Korea, pretty much everything is decided by rock, paper, scissors. There are worse ways to make decisions than by leaving it to random chance.