Sunday, April 17, 2011

Highlander II: Revenge of the Disgusting Bugs

The Cameron Highlands aren't only a place for weak British tourists to escape the oppressive Malaysian heat - people actually live and work here too. Imagine that!

I thought it would be a worthwhile and interesting activity to see how local produce like tea, honey and strawberries are cultivated. It wasn't. But at least there were some freakish bugs to keep me entertained - even if I disappointingly wasn't allowed to eat them this time.

Teas, bees and strawberries

Boh salec- no, I can't bring myself to do it. Not even ironically

People working in the tea fields, if you squint

Bee farm.
Is there anywhere more boring in the Cameron Highlands?

Strawberry farm.
It turns out there is!

Dave W at 6,666 feet (Gunung Brinchang)

Selamat Datang Butterfly Farm

It's bug quiz time!

Raja Brooke butterfly.
Q: Dead or workshy?

Q: How many butterflies are in this picture?
A: You don't get a prize, because I can't be bothered to verify it


Dave likes geckos

Dave has three seconds to live

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  1. I just noticed I called this place 'Selamat Datang Butterfly Farm' in the post - presumably based on a sign I read outside, and presumably before I'd spent long enough in Malaysia to learn that 'selamat datang' is Malay for 'welcome.'

    I won't edit the post, as I'd prefer to preserve my ignorance for posterity. That's pretty much the function of this blog, after all.