Monday, August 29, 2011

Ubud-der believe it

If you can drag yourself away from the monkeys in Ubud, there's plenty more to see around the unspoilt capital of Bali.

That's 'unspoilt' meaning no big shopping malls or KFCs - you can still rely on hawkers trying to force the same five pieces of tourist tat down your throat every time you come across something worth photographing, ensuring you have all you'll ever need to commemorate a right ripping-off time on the Island of the Gods. You can never have too many shit 'Jiggy-Jig' T-shirts.

Goa Gajah Temple Complex

Running the gauntlet

So that's what belly buttons are for - I knew it!

Dave in his most elaborate cave yet (shifty-looking Elephant Cave Temple).
My only wish is to be eaten

Jungle temple

Someone can't draw a circle.
Use a pair of compasses next time, loser

Useful consumer advice or confusing threat?
If it turns out to be written in blood, that might seal the deal

Some rocks. I don't know. Who am I, Tony Robinson?

Tampak Siring

Some people like to bathe in the magick waters of the Holy Spring Temple.
I did not take them up on their kind offer

Of course, they don't take any old scum

The Holy Pond, apparently

Told you. Don't go throwing any coints now - don't be a coint

And I thought dressing real dogs up in coats was inappropriate

Some fictional deity's getting a right good treat

It's all kicking off in the car park

On the whole, I think I preferred the rational tranquillity of the fish pond

Agro-tourism in Central Bali

What better way to round off a fine day out than by drinking second-hand coffee that's already been passed through the digestive tract of a Palm Civet?

Good job, guys!

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