Thursday, May 5, 2011

Malacca - A study in scarlet

Malacca was probably really nice until someone decided it would be a cool idea to paint it a nauseating shade of red. What were they thinking?

Like Georgetown, the historic centre of Malacca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because places need to be full of European-style colonial buildings to qualify as significant, obviously. So I wouldn't bother with the rest of Malaysia if I were you - it's all just foreign nonsense.

Heritage area

Melaka Art Gallery (1931) and Christ Church Melaka (1753).
Can't you read?

Ridiculous taxis in Dutch Square

Lil' windmill. That's almost racistly Dutch

Jesus likes to rock out because Jesus is cool
(Christ Church Melaka)

Taming Sari revolving tower. What a tourist trap!
You wouldn't catch me riding that. Not in a million y... let's just cut to the photos

I took loads of photos to try to make a 360-degree panorama. It inevitably completely failed.
Maybe I'll try to make it anyway?

Melaka Malay Sultanate Water Wheel, and some water

Church of St Francis Xavier (1849) and more water

Red street

Red bridge

Red Dave

Red Dwarf
(Note: May not be in Malacca)


Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (1704).
The oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia. That's right, look impressed

Masjid Kampung Kling (1748).
One of the oldest mosques in Malaysia. That's right, look slightly less impressed

Pasar Malam night market, Jonker Walk.

I still don't get the mass appeal of night markets. Though I ate a weird red octopus thing, so I guess they have their uses

No one tells me where to take my photos!
In defiance, here's a hilarious satirical photo of the Photo Spot. I'm wasted on Blogger

Dilapidated boardwalk and massive embarrassment, never-completed monorail.
How's that for a photo spot, Melaka Council??? I hate you

Lizard monitoring

Dave meets Darth Vader at the Toy Museum.
Dave is twenty-five years old


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  1. I read this post in the red centre of Australia. I don't know how to get colours in my comments.

  2. Why does this post come up in your most popular? I can see the clear attraction of the other two in the top three, but this one is beyond me.

  3. The recent sexy teacher pics were an experiment that disappointly proved successful. Most people come here for those. But some perverts want to see different cities of the world too, the freaks.

    My favourite is the person who got here by searching 'gay site:'

  4. Wow, the week's most popular posts currently contain no sexy teachers whatsoever. It is an historic moment and my faith in the human race is restored!

    Oh hang on, the Michigan post has a gratuitous pic of cheerleaders. And the Batu Caves post has that Hindu god with its norks out. And this one has me talking about sexy teachers and norks. Nothing's changed.