Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who's Taman? I'm Taman!

Against the odds, I survived the ordeals of Malaysia's Taman Negara national park. Mostly by limiting my adventurous trekking activities to tourist tours in safe groups, rather than heading off on my own. Not exactly Tarzan, am I? I'm not even bloody Mowgli.

Taman Negara

Tembeling River, but pretend it's the Amazon if that makes it more exciting.
I actually swam in this. Why won't you let me die?

Canopy walkway.

Genuinely described by Wikitravel as 'the longest Malaysian suspension bridge in the world.'
Which isn't as impressive as it sounds when you think about it for a second

At least it would be the longest, if a fallen tree hadn't screwed things up a little
(it's still better than the rubbish one in Penang though)

Safari Suit Dave is the best selling model in my action figure line, so Mattel is keen that I wear the outfit whenever possible. Plus, it amuses me to pretend I'm really trying

View from Bukit Terisek (344m)

Do Warburtons shit in the woods?

I just wanted a photo of the cool, twisty root thing.
I didn't realise how much it would look like I was taking a dump

Bug fun

Termite highways

Sweat bees spew forth from phallic spout

Crickets still leave a bad taste in my mouth

This hunting spider doesn't seem to mind though


  1. That bridge looks cool! and its normal to do that in the rainforest specially if the nature calls you in the heart of it. Oh you've tried the crickets in Bangkok? well, at least now we understand how other insects feel like eating bugs hey.

  2. Yeah. Now all I need to master is eating shit and spinning intricate webs out of my own bodily fluids and I'll understand their mindset completely.