Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bromos before homos

Apologies for the borderline homophobic title, but once I spot a rubbish pun it's difficult to resist.

I skipped over to Java and climbed my second volcano today. If you can call it climbing when there are steps up the side that are only slightly perilous.

I woke at an unreasonable hour to enjoy a delightfully dislocating jeep ride, watch the sun rise, freeze to an unpleasant temperature even by my standards, breathe in loads of noxious sulphur and be annoyed by some Koreans who fancied themselves professional photographers. Today was amazing!

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park,
East Java

This volcanic hoard has joined the list of my favourite scenic places in the world (so far), along with Taroko Gorge in Taiwan and Thailand's Ang Thong Marine Park. It was similarly tough to edit down the photos to acceptable blog quantity, so here are the best bits of my morning.

Icy cretins wait for the sun

Took your time, you nuclear bastard

Mount Bromo lets off steam

Mount Semeru (back) lets off stea- oh hang on, I already did that one




After six months in the tropics, I was grateful for the opportunity to wear a coat

Mount Bromo

Looking at these photos (and video) is enough to trigger a nostalgic/traumatic cough reflex. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're asthmatic - if the uphill climb doesn't kill you, getting a lungful of hellsmoke will.

Java is ace - I haven't seen so many different terrains back-to-back since last time I played through Sonic 3

The pilgrimage begins

Simultaneously impressive and annoying graffiti.
It's probably for the best that I don't understand it

Notice how many come up, but few go back down...?

Human sacrifice is the only way to appease the Bromo hellgod
(at least, that's what I tell them)

I feel I've now made up for a life of cigarette abstinence.
My lungs were on fire

Look! It's that mountain that keeps showing up in all these photos and that I clearly don't know what its name is

Look! Legend or screwball?

Maybe we shouldn't judge - maybe he chose such outlandish facial topiary to direct attention away from the black box over his eyes? (I don't know why I'm concerned about protecting his anonymity - he clearly craves attention)


  1. You must visit mount Bromo AGAIN !!
    when there is ceremony kasada (Kasodo)
    okay :)

  2. I just read about it, and it sounds cool. I can never get enough Bromo.

  3. Is it chilly over there? And is this Mt.Bromo a volcano? Looks interesting, anyway its near Bali or Lombok?

  4. It was cold before sunrise (at around 3,000m), but not after. Mt Bromo is one of 121 active volcanoes in Java - it's in East Java, which is sort of close to Bali, but will take a few hours to get there.

  5. My friend told me that the ceremony Kasada (kasodo) is yesterday (August 14, 2011)