Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luxor with altitude

Dave W at 2,100 feet

My 90-minute balloon ride over Luxor and the West Bank was the single most expensive tourist activity I've done so far, and it still only cost LE 350 (about £39). I only have a rough idea what a similar length flight would cost in the UK and Europe, but it's a lot more than £39 - and the sights wouldn't be so impressive.

Plus, they probably wouldn't throw in the complimentary tacky T-shirt either. Keep up with my photos and you're bound to see it, I'll run out of wearable T-shirts one of these days.

Early bird gets the warm (i.e. hot air)

I think this was the first time I'd flown in a hot air balloon, though maybe I did it as a small child. It's quite bad that I can't remember. But it felt new, which is one of the benefits of Alzheimer's as far as I can see.

Other peoples' photos

I took plenty of photos and some dodgy videos, but you're much better off with these, courtesy of (stolen from)


I thought the colourful tourist maps were exaggerating with the contrast of fertile green meeting desert, but it really is that stark

Valleys of the Various

Medinet Habu

Wait... where the hell am I? Guys?

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