Monday, December 6, 2010

Felucca? I only just met 'er

Dave W has a pleasant maritime adventure on an felucca, Aswan

Kitchener's Island

I may not know much about botany, but I know a desperately tenuous innuendo when I see one (these were seriously the best I could find. Pa-thetic!)

Indigenous wildlife

Tombs of the Nobles

This is a weird place. No one seems to care about maintaining it, and the route is almost perilously impassable in places

But at least that means you get to enjoy it without all the Americans

Mouldering old animal sacrifice bones in baskets. It's no mummified foetus, but still cool.
Tomb of Sabni and Mekhu

Dave W as he would appear in The X-Files opening titles.
This guide was even worse at taking photos than the last guy.
Tomb of Sarenput II

Unlike me, with my one photographic technique of snapping things with the sun behind them.
Quebbet el Hawa

Good thing I remembered I can program my camera timer instead. Who needs humans?
Dave W in the Dome of the Winds


  1. Yeah!Good photaies, please don't be on the X Files though, I'd be too scared to talk to you.

  2. I tried to play this game but I was a bit rubbish at it.

    My morning flag pales in insignificance next to your morning glory, although my hairy bush pea is quite impressive

  3. Hairy bush pea is amazing! There might have been much better ones here, but I only thought to look in the last few minutes. I should spend less time trying to make friends with cats.

  4. Some of your spam comments automatically come up in my Google Reader feed. I get disappointed that you've deleted them by the time I get here.

    1. Blogger blocks them automatically, they send me the email notifications and I click the blog URL hoping to leave some sarcastic response, but there's nothing there.

      The more desperate/fake/non sequitur ones find their ways into my ebooks as critical praise though, so they have some use. I recently got some completely nonsensical one about how to cook an omelette or something, it wasn't related to anything.