Friday, November 25, 2011

So Niah and yet so far

What a rubbish drawing - I came all this way to see that? I appreciate the artist was working with haematite on the unforgiving medium of cave wall, but it can't even be excused as cryptic modern art as they reckon it's around 1,200 years old. 1,200? I was drawing better people than that when I was just four.

Unless these were painted by aliens and represent their true, gangly proportions? I don't even have to Google it to know that screwball theory definitely exists. Why give real humans any credit when you can heap praise on non-existent ancient astronauts who succeeded in developing technology to transport them several thousand light years across space, but couldn't invent creosote?

The Niah caves were excellent really. So nice, I almost forgave a rubbish tour company for not getting in touch with me after I made my reservation to see the more impressive Mulu caves (website background image), meaning I couldn't end up going. But it wouldn't be my blog without some element of failure.

Niah National Park,

Again again, I was the only person to come on this trip, so got to feel like I'd hired a personal chauffeur for the day (because you know how comfortable I am with luxury travel). Why isn't anyone coming to Borneo? Oh hang on, I just remembered I'm supposed to not like people - so keep keeping away and let me enjoy the peace and solitude.

Well, apart from this guy

This is the most confusing sign I've seen since Taiwan

Traders' Cave

Look at all those lovely stalactites

Traders used to gather guano here and actually managed to sell it to people.
They must have been unbelievable salesmen

Great Cave

It was pretty great

Like walking on the effing Moon

Archaeology site. They unfortunately re-homed the 40,000 year old skulls, the spoilsports

I didn't bring a torch, so relied solely on my camera flash. There was also the possibility one of these random guiding shots would yield a remarkable photo...

They didn't

It's about this point that you hope there hasn't been some administrative error and you're not involuntarily descending into the digestive tract of some gargantuan mountain beast.

It's about this point that the oppressive humidity starts to get a bit overwhelming too.

The two things may be related

Painted Cave

Not sure the barbed wire is strictly necessary - how could I steal this?

Slightly unpleasant critters

100-metre-long termite queue. I hope it's worth it

Sweat bea spout. I basically saw the same things I saw in Taman Negara

Apart from the sexing centipedes, that was a newie

Malaysia route map, part II

Q Kota Kinabalu
R Klias
S Sandakan
T Sepilok/Labuk Bay
U Miri/Niah

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