Friday, January 28, 2011

Kaohsiung ka-kas

I choose to look at today as a bonus day in Kaohsiung - my favourite Taiwanese city so far - rather than the result of a combined screw-up between me and the guy who was supposed to give me a lift to Kenting, meaning I ended up not going there. This is why I hate lifts, I told you people are unreliable - especially when one of them is me.

So on the subject of screw-ups, let's see how Kaohsiung's local business owners have made a cock-up of the English language (great segue or what?) I wasn't going to do these for Kaohsiung, but when I passed this 'exotic' dance bar I had to share its delightful menu with the world.

I don't know about you, but I'm intrigued by the sinewy men

Back to this again, are we? I couldn't just let it go

Not the most promising Eng ish school in Kaohsiung

Most pyschedelic Thunderbirds episode ever
(Kaohsiung Museum of History)

He's either cursing or having loads of aquatic ephiphanies, ala Archmides

Taiwan dog owners: your pets are not humans. Stop dressing them as such

Another guy walking his rabbit in public: old news.
You'll have to try harder than that to shock me now, Taiwan!

Please consider that an invitation

Oh great, Just when Taiwan and me were getting along so well.

It's depressing that Family Radio's bullshit - like Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy - is alive and kicking in Taiwan.

You have your own daft superstitions, Taiwan - stop stealing them from California!

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