Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ayutthaya? No, there's just something in my eye

It's been a while since I wandered through the decaying ruins of fallen civilisations and considered the futile nature of our temporary existence. But I've seen enough of Thailand's natural wonders for one month, so time for some stuffy history. There will be a test, so pay attention.

While the temples of former Siamese capital Ayutthaya make for a good day trip out of Bangkok, I was a bit annoyed that I only found out about Sukhothai too late to visit there instead - which looks like an even older, bigger, better preserved and just plain better version. Never mind, at least this sort of makes up for my lack of photos from Pompeii, even if there are no harrowingly preserved dead children in Ayutthaya. I want the moon on a stick.

Bang Pa-In Island

Summer palace

These pleasingly squashed streets felt more like Tuscany than Thailand

Same goes for the Thai-Gothic fusion cuisine of Wat Niwet


Lighthouses are good

Wat Phra Mahathat

It doesn't even look finished. Rip-off!

The Leaning Chedi of Ayutthaya, as it isn't called

Look at all these headless and/or limbless Buddhas.
I reckon you could complete a fair few sets if you dug around a bit

Look, there's a foot

And a head. (Who left it in there?)

Wat Thammikarat

Legs and bit of chest to add to the pile

Big cocks at Wat Thammikarat

Wat Lokayasutha

Yeah, another ruined temple.
They're going to have to do something to stand out if they expect to impress me now

You mean like having a MASSIVE RECLINING BUDDHA?
(Feat. dog for perspective)

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Look at me liking the death and decay. This place was the best

Nice and messy

Return of the Chedis

Scary Knightmare-style door. Inside felt inexplicably hot and humid. I didn't like it

Old white man with attractive young Thai woman.
You don't see much of that going on.
Hardly at all

Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit

Ordination hall

Another humongous Buddha

They've been lying to us!

Wat Phukhao Thong

Last one. I promise

Of course I am, I just climbed all those steps

Monk has fun with fire

King Naresuan's glam rock cocks

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