Monday, July 4, 2011

We came, we saw, we opened a bank

When refugees approached New York City in the late 19th century to begin their new lives, they were greeted by the proud, welcoming sight of the Statue of Liberty. When rich American businessmen arrived in Singapore in the 1970s, they were greeted by a lion-headed mermaid thing vomiting water.

Singapore is a nice but strange city/country. It's as if some mad, rich sultan gave a tropical island paradise to his nephew - a nephew who wasn't interested in preserving wildlife or even looking after his island's own heritage, and just built loads of skyscrapers instead. If you're interested in seeing the sights of colonial-era Singapore, going to Georgetown in Malaysia is probably your best bet.

I actually really like clean, efficient, silent Singapore, and there are still a few nice relics lying around. There's apparently loads of green here too, which is a relief, because I thought I'd once again exhausted all the main tourist sights within 24 hours of arriving.

Singapore Civic District

Raffles is cool, but rude
(Michelangelo is the party dude)

Central Business District (CBD) + totem pole (Asian Civilisations Museum).
Am I making some sort of clever point? Or did I just like the symmetry?

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall (1905)

Cavenagh Bridge (1870)

Weird Sci-Fi Esplanade (2285)

I was too late to save them.
I barely had enough time to get out my camera to enjoy their certain deaths

That shrub is so screwed (Fort Canning Park)

Nature fights back (Singapore School of the Arts)

A particularly nice-fonted gravestone, I thought

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (1847).
Particularly nice and crumbly, I thought

Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminati. I mean, the Illuminator (1836).
Weird... I'm sure that angel wasn't there when I took the photo

The Christ cloning experiment gets out of hand

Freemasons' Hall
(a.k.a. New World Order Shape-Shifting Reptilian Annunaki Illuminati HQ: Singapore branch)

Mysterious obelisk that somehow factors into the crackpot conspiracy theory too

Singapore Art Museum, because it's slightly strange

Central Fire Station (1908), because I liked it

G-Max Reverse Bungee (2003), because I don't know the meaning of the word fear (literally).
Don't know what happened to the guy in the middle

Dave launched


  1. You made it!
    I love the small child falling into the water... the massive inflatable bunny, and you look ace with a beard!

  2. I second Lana's point - great beard!

    I would also second her compliments on your amazing caption for the Raffles statue, but she seems to have forgotten to type it out.

  3. The beard is me finally giving in to nature, after however many years of slightly painful and irritating shaving. I'm not going to sculpt it or make it pretty, as that would defeat the laziness point - let's see how unmanageable it gets before I finally cave in.

    (Or meet a hot girl, whichever happens first. They ruin everything, don't they?)

  4. I think the beard ups your chances of meeting a hot girl.

  5. Now you all tell me. Why didn't I grow this in 2008?

  6. I probably tried, to be fair. It's not as if you were lacking inspiration, surely?

  7. Another thing you would've noticed if you ever looked south-west (presuming your desk faced north).

  8. Whichever way you (Oliver) face is always north - the rest of us align our compasses to fit in.

  9. OMG! You are fearless! I spent 3 months in SG and everyweek I go to Clarke Quay to watch people do that extreme bungee thingy prepping myself to do it but it didn't help. I reckon that's another mission for me to do in SG, good reason to go back. :)

  10. No, you have to do the indoor skydiving simulator on Sentosa instead! (I'll do it next time I'm here).

  11. Nice! We are going to SAM tom. Hope it's strange yet amusing. :)