Sunday, March 20, 2011

A childish day out again again

Things have been a bit busy and stressful since I left paradise behind and got back to Bangkok, but I left my earthly troubles behind on a trip to Dream World.

I am definitely not too old to be here.

Where dreams come true (assuming it's a dream about mediocre, potentially copyright-infringing rides and people in unidentifiable mammal suits)

Theme parks can be fun, but also weirdly depressing in their attempts to realise a tangible fantasy world on a sliver of Disney's budget. This is probably the reason all the dreams I've had about theme parks have been nightmares about run-down ones with death trap rides staffed by lazy operators. I would have gone to this harrowing place if I'd had more time in Alexandria, but unfortunately (or luckily) Dream World was actually quite nice. Goddammit!

Unnecessarily big chair

The dead man's hand again

Wearing 3D glasses won't help your one-dimensional personality, Dave

The weird, lawsuit-evading Alien ride. The aliens looked ever so slightly different to those designed by H.R. Giger for the popular film franchise

It's not all ridiculous

More elephants, more leg irons

The whole point of taking this photo is that the guy had DW (my initials) on his jumper.
But then he covered it up, THE FURRY DICK

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