Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mm, that's nice too

Iiiiit's October 28th again, and you know what that means! No? It means I just noticed it's the pointless anniversary of a day when I presumably wasn't doing very much last year, so made a greatest hits compilation of photos of ace natural sights I'd seen over the previous year.

I'm not exactly running low on new things to show you - I've got almost two months of backblog scheduled in case I get hospitalised or something and can't provide you with your bi-weekly fix of disappointing, low resolution photos of things you'll have to trust looked spectacular when I looked at them with my eyes through slightly wrong prescription glasses. But a tradition's a tradition, even a pointless, non-existent tradition, so here's another year's worth of nice nature things.


Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park.
Okay, so this is supposed to be natural sights and I'm cheating already, but this temple's about 60% tree


Bang Bao Bay, Koh Chang

South Korea

Seopjikoji, Jeju-do

Seoraksan National Park (Winter)

Seoraksan National Park (Wet Summer)

Royal Tombs, Gyeongju.
Yeah okay, they're not natural either. But there's grass all over them, it counts


Ohori Park, Fukuoka

Sri Lanka

Some place near Kandy

Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Humans may have fortified it for their petty conquests, but I'm pretty sure that massive rock was there first

View from the summit


Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Stone Forest, Shili-- yeah alright, it's not real


Tham Jang, Vang Vieng

Mekong River, Luang Prabang

Vietnam (coming soon)

Ha Long Bay

Thien Cung Cave, Ha Long Bay

View from Agu Lam peak, Cat Ba Island

Cat Cat, Sapa

Tien Sa Waterfall, Sapa

I guess that's some incentive to visit more nice looking mountains, caves, rivers and waterfalls in the next 12 months (this year was criminally low on volcanoes), otherwise I'll look pretty stupid when this anniversary rolls around again and I have nothing to show for it. I'll probably forget anyway. When are we due another compilation of my face?

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