Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Who said I never take pointless risks? Oh yeah, it was me. But after I missed out on the deadly tubing in Vang Vieng I was excited by the prospect of swinging Tarzan-style into the raging torrents of Kuang Si Waterfall, forgetting for a second that I hadn't been swimming in more than a year, was never all that good at it anyway, and that any time in my life I try to show off or join in with anything that requires physical fitness I just end up embarrassing myself.

It all came flooding back when I managed to swing back into the tree and get carried further out than I intended in the fast-moving river, but I somehow didn't end up dying. I guess it's back to the safety of temples and museums from now on. But first, here's some waterfalls and bears.

Kuang Si Falls

The climb to the top of the waterfall was long, arduous and ultimately pointless. I forgot the main attraction of waterfalls is seeing them cascade down a cliff face - there's really nothing to see up here

Only a moron would go in that

Bear Rescue Centre

This animal sanctuary for Asiatic black bears and sun bears was right next to the waterfalls and didn't charge for entry, so I bought a T-shirt to help support them. It's my hope that in a couple of years, all my clothes will feature ineffectual conservation slogans. That'll show them!

Aww, look at his gargantuan paws that could slice you all open

And his cute razor teeth for tearing your flesh.
Actually, are you sure we should be saving these?

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