Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I exploited an elephant again today. These Sri Lankan elephants at least seemed better cared for than the filthy, depressing ones I rode in Chiang Mai last year, but since no one got back to me with any photos from that day of me riding a jumbo, it was necessary to recreate the evidence of my crimes against nature. Yes, that's the excuse we'll go with. File it alongside the camel, the monkey and those other elephants.

Riding around on a massive animal was fun, but I won't do it again. Fortunately, I was able to hypocritically alleviate some of this guilt by visiting the nearby elephant orphanage and contributing towards the care of the rehabilitated herd. Throwing money at a problem is much easier than helping out.

Elephant Riding Centre,

The chains are just for show. They love being forced to stomp around the same circuit all day

That very sharp stick is just for show too. I hope

Serves him right

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

Hopefully the tourists just become white noise over time,
and the herd can enjoy their bathing in relative peace

This guy certainly seemed to be enjoying himself

Look at that squiggly little trunk

I wish my similarly large nose could bend upwards like that.
Have you seen me drinking a can of Coke? It's ridiculous

More gratuitously cute baby elephant pictures for you

This becomes less cute and more tragic the further your eyes scroll down

While the others were comparatively free to roam around, this one seemed to be chained up as a photo opportunity, with some dodgy guy asking for money.
I have a strange feeling that money won't go to supporting the wildlife sanctuary

Oh yeah, I forgot elephants are supposed to have tusks

Fun time's over, get back to work

Or whatever's going on here...
I'm not sure if tourists were supposed to see this part

They love tugging relentlessly on the chain all through the day in the vain hope that it might one day break and they'll make it more than ten metres before getting shot

But what can I do?


  1. Nooo this is sadder than the time I went horse riding and the woman tried to get me to smack the horse on the bum with a stick. I'm going to come to Sri Lanka and we're going to bust those elephants out of there!

    1. Just don't come here alone, unless you've been practicing your kung fu. It's not the best country for women. Or for anyone really.

      I realised how bad it was while I was there (see: all moaning Sri Lanka blogs), but now I'm in Japan and looking back, this place was seriously rubbish.