Friday, December 30, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chang is island, a beer and a Klingon played by Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI. But let's start with the island.

This was my final destination in South East Asia, so I was determined to make the most of it. By doing as little as possible. It was nice. Here are my photos of absolutely nothing.

Koh Chang,

Chang Beer: clearly nectar of the gods

Quiet Bang Bao Bay, right at the bottom of Elephant Island.

I chose the furthest location possible from the party people and unpleasant old, fat white men with their suspiciously young Thai girlfriends

There was plenty of jungle here, but I didn't go too far.

The best bridge in Koh Chang

The best car in Koh Chang

Some fucking shit T-shirts

My perfectly isolated hut. No one will disturb me up there...


Koh Chang beasties

Some leggy get. My room hasn't hosted this much animal action since Pulau Tioman

I employed this gecko to take care of my other pest problems

Unfriendly neighbourhood monkey

Cat v. snake face-off

The cat's near-cat-like reflexes almost saved him, but that fat paunch let him down

To finish, here's a cockfight I saw while having breakfast one morning in Bangkok. I got too bored to wait and see who won, but my money's on the jumpy brown one:

Thailand route map, part II

K Kanchanaburi
L Sukhothai
M Koh Chang


  1. Were there any elephants on Chang? Seems like the sort of thing you should find there, but also something that would be easily photographable and obvious to include in this post.

  2. From what I remember of Wikitravel, there are no indigenous elephants, and the island was named due to its uncanny resemblance to an elephant:

    I don't see it either. Some elephants have probably been brought there since for some fun exploitation, like they were on Koh Samui - an island I explored much more thoroughly than this one, where I only saw the top bit (pier), the bottom bit (where I stayed) and the extremely hilly and winding road in-between that looked like a lot of fun for hiring a motorbike and zooming up and down on, if I wasn't such a pussy.

  3. I guess it's the side of an elephant's head, with trunk on the right. As you say, uncanny.