Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tioman kangaroo down, sport

My resort on Tioman Island could be accurately marketed as a zoo, where I can sit on the porch and watch mental monkeys, gargantuan monitor lizards, inexplicable goats and too many cats getting along in racial harmony, and only occasionally pilfering my biscuits. The furry gets.

Here are some Tiomanimals.

(Disclaimer: Features gory animal death. Does not feature kangaroos)

Goat boat

Monitor lizard explores the waste of human civilisation, like some kind of post-apocalyptic dino dystopia. Hey, I can dream

Traffic monitor

There are loads of monkeys around, but they're always running away too quickly to take good photos. It could have something to do with that guy shooting his shotgun at them all the time

Post-modern kitten attacks camera strap and breaks the fourth wall

Cats make furious din

Cat hangs out with giant millipede

Cat hangs out with wee gecko

Geckos hang out with moths

The best stuff was underwater
(not my photo)

Blue-spotted stingray. Who knew Gerry Anderson's colour scheme was so authentic?
(not my photo again)

Black-tip reef shark hangs out with pilot fish
(not my photo again again)

Curious frog - one of the few frogs I've seen here that isn't harrowingly squished
(obviously my photo - because it's so rubbish!)

Dave hangs out with mosquitoes

Guts hang out of dead squirrel on my doorstep. Cat tucks in.

(Sorry if that's a bit graphic - but seeing such needlessly gratuitous violence first thing in the morning was somehow amusing)

This is never a great sight to see either, especially after you've just spent 20 minutes sitting on there, thanks to some dodgy Kung Fu noodles.

I can only imagine the trauma this poor creature had to endure at my hands (well, not my
hands). I surrender myself to the relevant authorities

There's more bog beasties where that came from.
Paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be


  1. Hello Dave..good to read about your journey in Tioman Island. I never been there although I am local people. I saw you in travbuddy and feel free to join me explore the oldest rainforest at Taman Negara in Pahang. Actually I am Kelantan. I'll travel about 8 hours by train through Jungle Train to Jerantut. From the jetty in Jerantut it takes 3 hours to the park. You can come down to Kelantan dan catch the train together to National Park. Here is my email I'll srart my journey on 2nd June..see ya!

  2. I'm already reached Jerantut/Taman Negara, it was on my way back to the west coast so I won't be there when you are. Hope you enjoy it though!