Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where are my goddamn monkeys?

There are no monkeys in this picture

I was promised monkeys today, and as let-downs go, that's quite a big one.

I say 'monkeys,' but in Western Thailand they would technically have been macaques, like the monkeys I hung out with in Kaohsiung. But if we're going to start making racial distinctions between primates, next thing you know we won't be able to call all people from the Far East 'Chinese' any more. It is political correctness gone mad.

Never mind, I still had a nice trip up the beach and through the monkeyless coconut groves to Ban Krut Temple, once again hypocritically glad to have got away from the tourists for a while. If you want to join in with the primate spotting adventure yourself, why not play Hunt the Chimp? It's 0.2 seconds of fun! I say 'fun'…

Artist's impression
(Disclaimer: Did Not Happen)

Ban Krut Temple from the beach

During the third stage of its life cycle, the Buddha larva spins a cocoon made from its own bodily fluids. In two weeks, he will be a beautiful moth

Buddha's bumbhling henchmen, the Bebop and Rocksteady of Buddhism

Ban Krut Temple gardens

Dave W pays his respects by wearing the traditional Buddhist colour 'sweaty orange'

Inside peaceful Ban Krut temple. You weren't technically supposed to take photos, but it seemed less disrespectful than the firecrackers being set off next to Cocoon Buddha

I may not have seen any monkeys, but I saw a sad bull - so still a productive day out

Next stop: Koh Tao (via Chumphon)


  1. I saw some monkeys the other day and thought of you! There was a (roughly) six-year-old boy walking down the street with his (roughly) four-year-old sister, both carrying monkeys on leads. I thought about taking a photo and commenting on how regular that was, but I was scared that they'd make me pay and then someone would probably nick my wallet and my camera.

    A bit later I saw them again as I was sat in my tuk-tuk by the beach, drinking beer with my driver and eating a concoction of cucumber, papaya and pineapple coated in chilli powder when I saw they'd caught up with us. They (the children) had a mum now as well who was carrying two monkeys. She saw a white man so came over to get money from me and because she let me play with her monkey (not a euphemism) I was happy to oblige. Then she touched me a bit (on the face) and tried to get more. Then one of her monkeys did a wee and a poo in my tuk-tuk and the driver chased her away. Because she got money from me both of the kids came over, despite my driver trying to shoo them away.

  2. Your stories always beat mine. What I wouldn't give to have a monkey do its monkey business in my tuk-tuk.