Friday, May 11, 2012

Siamese twins

When does a model village stop being a quaint tourist attraction and require its own postcode? When does a doll's house stop being a creepy kid's toy and become a viable dwelling requiring planning permission and a broadband connection?

I'd heard about the Ancient Siam open-air museum on previous visits to Thailand, but I wasn't prepared for the scale of its reconstructions of significant historical landmarks from around the country, which in many cases are 1:1. When you build a faux-dilapidated facsimile of a temple or shrine as close to the original structure as possible, what prevents that from being equally revered? The virtues of age and location?

I was a fool to spend two months travelling around Thailand last year, when I could have just cycled around the world's largest open-air museum and ticked off the sights in one afternoon. Plus, some of them are painted in gaudy colours, which is more eye-catching than just loads of old brown. Bo-ring!

I've made it even less hassle for you - you just have to look at my photos and you've basically done Thailand. Is there a difference? I don't understand anything any more.

Ancient Siam,
Samut Prakan

The real Grand Palace is only about 30 minutes' drive from this.
It looks like they even rebuilt the interiors. So much effort just for this!

This is just someone's real house, except I'm allowed to stomp around

The floating market is so authentic, they even sell authentic replica Khao San Road tourist tat

Okay, the Thai hamlet was pretty nice. I'll always be a farm boy

The market town's pretty relaxing too. It's worth paying 500 baht just to get away from the shouty taxi drivers of the real world

I wonder if they build the whole thing first before accelerating its slide into disrepair?

Not seen it (but I've seen this, so I'm still ace)

Pretty sure these don't come in bubblegum pink any more

Chedi medley

They even constructed a massive fake cliff face at the centre of it, just so they can fly a flag.
This place teeters on the edge of Dubai-level insanity on occasion

This reminded me of a Japanese Shinto shrine in a judge's wig

Replica replica house. Or is this just a genuine replica house?

Nice bridge

Nice boat

Nice goblin man thing

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  1. We have the same park here, its called 'Nayong Pilipino' where most tourist destinations were in miniature. Although its being reconstructed and relocated at the moment and I don't think its done, but its a cool place to visit when we were kids (reminiscing elementary days lol).