Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't have a Khaosan, man

Ay caramba!

What's that, Dave? A twenty-years-out-of-date Bart Simpson reference is the best pun you could come up with? And one you've basically used before? EAT MY SHORTS!

I didn't get the appeal of Khaosan Road when I first visited, it just seemed to be like any other trendy tourist street selling knock-off goods, pointless tat and sexy massages. But when you look a little closer, it can be pretty hilarious.

Khaosan Road (and area),

Now I've got your attention, let me deface your flesh

This one might be sending out the wrong message...

Thank goodness for the Super Police, making sure no dodgy goings-on are going on literally metres away

What's this guy hiding for? Those Oxford degrees and press passes he's selling look legitimate to me (as they presumably do to the Super Police)

Or maybe you're keen to drive, but don't have time to learn how not to kill pedestrians?

Of course you don't check ID, that particular currency has lost its value

I don't understand, why are the massages hidden away upstairs?
(And do they give a discount for two minutes?)

The women here are really friendly, they touch your arms and everything

Dave meets May 'Krueger' Kaidee. I only came in for some spring rolls. Still, it's the first minor celebrity I've met since that time Stewart Lee talked to me about Burzum.
I look massive in Asia! (I'm 5' 10")

You can even legitimately punch women here. Is Bangkok paradise or what? EH, LADS!!!
God I hate you


  1. Hahaha! Khao San isn't that bad, its interesting the way it is... but not for a long time though. Been great meeting you guys in Khao San! Keep in touch hey... Seems like you had your way to get the photos, do you still need me to send them to you? Let me know... :) By the way, give me a shout when you're in the Philippines, I'm back here now.

  2. Your Facebook profile's public, so freaks like me can track you down easily. I enjoyed seeing the Krabi rescue mission in photo form - I'll probably go there next week. Philippines sounds good too. Good to meet you!

  3. Hey man I just googled across this and if you still remember I'd love to know what Stewart Lee had to say about Burzum! He did a fairly varg-savvy joke here (2013)