Friday, July 15, 2011

They love performing for your amusement too

It's pretty clear that the animals at Sentosa's Dolphinarium are treated better than the wrestled crocodiles of Bangkok's Samphran Elephant Ground and the seals of Dusit Zoo.

But did they really need to make it so goddamn mawkish? Check out this nauseating spectacle of a girl meeting a pink dolphin (I didn't add the soppy soundtrack - they actually played this). You'd think some rich people got married or something.

Sentosa Island Dolphinarium,

They love being karate-chopped in the stomach

They love being the receptacles for your carelessly discarded rings

They love breakdancing (what they actually think they're doing - and why the crowd brays in delight when they do - is known only to the seals)

They love the sensation of a plastic ring scraping around and around on their gyrating snouts

They love concentrating intently on not dropping the heavy balls balanced in front of their worried faces

They love entering the Special Zone - but if they come back without a chaos emerald, there'll be trouble! (Some slightly obscure Sonic the Hedgehog references to go out on)

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