Sunday, February 27, 2011

A childish day out again

I'm 25 years old and I love zoos, alright? There's nothing strange or creepy about a single, childless man enjoying hanging around zoos by himself. Besides, whoever heard of a paedophile visiting Thailand anyway?... Okay, bad example.

As well as laughing at chimps, cringing at performing seals and picking out species for my inevitable turtle farm, going to the zoo in a country not renowned for its fair treatment of animals after visiting prim and proper Taipei Zoo in December made for some interesting comparisons.

Bangkok's zookeepers also don't seem to care which species they bundle together in the same habitat, as if they're planning some violent sitcom or grisly reality show and just thinking of the ratings.

Racial harmony in Dusit Zoo

Ebony and ivory together in my gibbon cage

Two giraffes, two zebras and... one ostrich?
I guess someone's late wife got fed a toy

Fighting turtles prove that diversity is needed for a successful relationship.
(I don't know why they didn't break out their swords, staffs, sais and nunchaku though)

The Chimpanzee Odd Couple

These monitor lizards pass the time by pretending to be one big one.
Like midgets in a long overcoat

Crocodile + turtle. Surely that's a bit unnecessarily risky?
(Their body language is a bit standoffish)

The goat + tiger experiment wasn't so successful

'Hey guys, has anyone seen Simon recently?'

Slightly dodgy goings-on in Dusit Zoo

These seals like playing nose-basketball.
If you look at their little faces, it's almost as if they understand

Only 20 baht to feed the elephants, and sustain their radically unbalanced diets!

Though I guess if they didn't want to eat, they'd just walk away...

Not so easy when you're in chains!!!
(Alright, calm down Sting)

It's too easy to take photos of langurs looking melancholy behind bars.
So here's one meticulously calculating his escape instead

This giraffe suffered whiplash in the workplace, following a particularly abrupt breeze.
But who will represent her when her claim goes to court?

'Hey guys, there's Simon's flatmate! You know, the one that ate him.'

Revenge is a dish best served cold.
(As is Tiger soup, apparently)


  1. Something that's bothering me: you're travelling alone, right? So WHO TOOK THE PICTURE OF YOU WITH THE DINOSAUR?! I can't see your outstretched arm so clearly it wasn't a Myspace hero shot. Is there a wall in front, did you put the timer on? Did you ask a friendly local to take the snap for you? Were you hanging out with a friend and they took it? I JUST NEED TO KNOW!

  2. Whenever the photo is at a really rubbish angle, looks shit and I'm in it, it's the timer.

    As opposed to the ones that I take, which I'm not in but they still look shit.

  3. Well if it's any consolation I thought the jaunty angle was on purpose. It looks artsy.