Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A childish day out

Dave W pretends he's unenthused, even though he genuinely didn't sleep a wink last night (wow, you can't tell!) because he was so excited about going to the zoo.
He is twenty-five years old

While Egypt's cities were essentially large-scale safari parks - where you'd see camels, donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs and so many cats taking their chances on the mental roads - local wildlife has been lacking since I got to Taiwan. I haven't seen one pigeon, and even the stray cats walk politely alongside humans as if they're being taken for a walk.

This place is mental in more subtle ways.


Luckily, Taipei Zoo is on hand for all my zoophile needs (in the bibliophile sense rather than the other one - though there's definitely a stigma attached to a fully-grown man going to the zoo by himself, so I didn't). It was bizarrely cheap too. If there's one thing I like more than seeing animals shuffle around uncomfortably in incorrect and restricted environments, it's enjoying a great, childish day out for the equivalent of 65p. 65p!!!

Disclaimer: This is just going to be dodgy photos of some animals I liked, with desperate attempts at amusing captions to justify them. But it's my bloody website, alright? The tortoises were best. They were great.

Taipei Zoo

Asian animals

Formosan rock macaque, Taiwan's local primate.
You can tell, as the swelling of the estrus female's red arses is the same as the local humans

Crab-eating macaques play innocently with a child's shoe.
Yeah right, like we won't suspect they've eaten him. 'Crab-eating' my (shoeless) foot!

This Siamang has better hair than me

Fat gibbon

Tiger yawns sarcastically, as some sort of comment on this blog entry. Maybe if I made that fur into a hat and your bones into soup, that'd be exciting enough for you? Stripy prick.

Asian elephant love (or hate?)

African animals

African elephants are more British in their reserved displays of affection.
A holdover from colonial times? (They really don't forget)

This is how camels are supposed to look when they're healthy.
Unnerving after seeing some of the sorry specimens in Egypt

Hippos swim in their own filth and bloody love it

Some sort of... stripy horse? What the hell?

Tapir family values

Black bear chomps sugarcane

Indri lemur. 40 million years ago, we looked a lot like this.
You're laughing and learning today (mainly the latter)

Nocturnal animals

Bit-scary owl

Sloths provide effective competition to the pandas in the bone-idle stakes


This 'common' snapping turtle is the closest I've come to an encounter with a dinosaur

Oh, until this

Yellow-headed tortoises in inappropriate rave lighting

Burmese star tortoises chomp salad

I can't remember what this freakish guy was called, but I really liked him

This might be an... iguana? Do I look like a zoologist?
(Yeah, a bit)

African spurred tortoise... love? Do I look like an expert on reptile mating behaviour?
(That's exactly what you look like)


Penguins being boring. At least the ones in Edinburgh Zoo (are forced to) march around a bit for my entertainment

Flamingos. Actually, all birds are pretty boring

Hyacinth macaw

White cockatoo chomps sweetcorn

Blue and gold macaw chomps something or other

Dead cave bear

Dead turtle



  1. The birds section of a zoo is always the worst.

  2. PS! Except Rainbow Landing in Edinburgh, birds would perch on your finger and and eat whatever it was you were holding (a cup of nectar or something).


  3. Yes! I went there - or maybe a different one in Fife.

    The insects section (insection?) might have been worse, but my friend didn't want to go in. And I felt I could do without too, after My First Cockroach crept into my room last week.

    But I saw a newt or something run away from me in the corridor last night, so not all invasions are unwelcome.

  4. Cool~! I like newt too!!! And sorry don't wanna visit any insects :(((