Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Malayzin' food

Dave 'Two Plates' Warburton needs some feeding up by the looks of him

Believe it or not, I have continued to eat food and drink liquid since the last Malaysian food blog, and some of it has been so most excellent, it would even please that annoying kid in the early 1990s McCain Oven Chips adverts (some worthless nostalgia for you, there).

Admittedly, most of the local things I eat are variations on a theme of 'noodle' or 'fried rice.' But there is variation, dammit!

Chicken curry with coconut rice at Nyonya Valley Express, Kuala Lumpur. Most excellent!

Ginger beef at Little Momma's, Malacca. Mostly notable for being the only place in Chinatown not to go to sleep at 9PM

Steamed chicken with rice balls at Famosa Restaurant, Malacca

Pineapple tart on Jonker Walk, Malacca

Seafood sushi on Jonker Walk. Spot the freakish red octopus

More seafood fun in Malacca

Pattaya rice on Pulau Tioman. If, like me, you've ever felt fried rice should be presented a bit more like a fortress

Malaysian omelette at Mawar Beach Restaurant - the best place for breakfast at Air Batang

Kampung style fried noodles at Mawar Beach Restaurant - the best place for lunch at Air Batang

Squid sambal at Mawar Beach Restaurant - the best place for dinner at Air Batang

Nasi lemak at Zinza's Cafe - not exactly the best place for breakfast at Air Batang. Still, crispy chicken for breakfast - why haven't I thought of it before?

Kung Fu noodles at Salang. I admit I was sold on the name alone, but it was impressively bulky. Quantity always exceeds quality when it comes to food, right?

I'm such a sucker for local food, I had to try the Tioman style fried chicken.
Apparently 'Tioman style' means 'in sickening yellow batter.' It's like being back in Scotland

I'm not sure what this is, but it seems to be stale bread sold as a treat. 

Malaysian chocolate bars.
Melty as hell, even when you buy them from air-conditioned shops

Malaysian 'Jaz' beer, from the duty free store at Tekek, Tioman.
There's a reason they don't usually sell this brand in the bars.

(i.e. it's shit)


  1. 10/10 for the title.

    In Little Momma's, are you drinking from a jar with a handle? What a great invention!

  2. Even with all the cheap/run down cafes I've eaten at in Asia, my weirdest experience is still back in Edinburgh, at a proper 'seafood' restaurant on Leith Shore, where they didn't have anything except mince and served it to me in the pan, on a chopping board.