Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thailand typos

An overdue compendium of broken English, unintended entendres and things I just found funny in Thailand.

With a large tourism industry meaning more people are fluent in English, there was less here to choose from than in Taiwan, and to be honest the funniest things you'll hear tend to come from the mouths of tuk-tuk drivers. You're only getting part of the experience in the visual medium.

Weird the number of men who turn down 'happy endings' at Miss Puke's establishment

Imagine the finger-lickin' fizzy goodness of these meat-flavoured carbonated drinks.
It's enough to make you want to Miss Puke

I like how non-specific this is.
How many parts have people tried that made it impractical to keep listing them?

Is that supposed to be a pun?

(Don't) Beat It

Kryten's store

Ah, don't be so hard on yourself! Some of this stuff might not be worthless shit

Nothing to take the piss out of here; I just liked seeing it

I like how there are two alternate versions right next to each other. As if we wouldn't notice

What's going on?
Cool tattoo by the way... NOT!

Resourceful idea

Yeah I know, this is a bit desperate. How about Bangkok while you're at it?

My personal favourite. I think it's pretty clear that whoever chose this name has no idea what it means - but why did they choose it anyway? 

Play and learn, kids!


  1. Not as good as the Shrimp Pop. Mmm, imagine it... oh god, I just imagined it.

  2. Have you had any of those TINY (yeah, putting tiny in capitals really helps to emphasise just how small they are) shrimps? We found some in one of the street restaurants in Bangkok. They were in a little tub with a spoon to help yourself, like they were herbs or sugar or bacon bits or something. They were TINY.

  3. I think someone's been passing off grubs as shrimps, Oliver. Sounds like the perfect way to break a vegetarian diet though - think how many wasted lives/souls you could consume in a single chomp!

  4. I think testes and puke together is the best! well, if you find out what puke (poo-keh) in Filipino means then you two would can't find it in any dictionary because they're bad!!! hahaha!