Friday, December 31, 2010

Taipei typos

Here's a project that's been ongoing since I arrived in the Far East, and will doubtless continue until I leave, or until Asian retailers stop giving their stores such amusing names.

HA HA HA! They can't even speak English properly, and occasionally make understandable mistakes that could be tenuously misinterpreted to mean something vaguely rude or otherwise inappropriate! It's as if English isn't even their native language and they're forced to adopt it to survive in international markets! The idiots!!!

Oh well, it's still funny. Here are some of the best I've found around town. More to definitely come soon.

Yeah, I know it's not as good as 'Fuk Mi restaurant' and stuff. It's the best I've got, alright?

Wear these clothes and you really do look like one

The most unfortunate entry in the prestigious '10[insert number here]skin' line
Or, the Six Million Dollar Man's comparatively inexpensive prepuce

Is certainly!
I seriously doubt that the Chinese Mandarin character for 'glasses' is a pair of glasses

Would you really buy your groceries here?

For all your carpentry and sheet-laundering needs

They decided not to go with Ho Li Fuk


  1. I spent ages trying to find the mistake in the first one thinking 'surely he's not picking up on their, admittedly stupid, American spellings' until I remembered that you're called David.

    I am so clever.

    (I really hope I don't press 'Post Comment' then scroll up and see a really obvious mistake in it.)

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  3. Amazing! That is honestly the best thing I have seen ALL YEAR. What threw me off in the hunt the chimp game was that you labelled everything, even the apparent clouds, but not the chimp.

    Also, what is Ghosty using as bait on his fishing line? Also, why is he fishing when he's meant to be hunting the chimp for his bath?

  4. I didn't notice that before... no wonder the chimp's hiding. I wish I was six again, and unburdened by logic and experience, that was my creative peak by far. Maybe one day I'll be sufficiently senile that I'll get it back.

  5. I also like that the swamp and the tree on the right are deemed to important that they get exclamation marks. It's like you're trying to put the reader off 'The chimp is probably in a tree, I see two of those, but the one on the right must be more important... where is he, though?'

    Have you drawn much since these pictures?