Monday, April 4, 2011


Surprisingly not, considering how little sleep I'm surviving on at the moment. Between overnight bus journeys, early starts for day trips and late nights entertaining the ladies (and the ladyboys, and the ladybirds) I have every right to be a grouchy bastard, but somehow Thailand keeps exceeding my already sky-high standards and keeping me happy. How irritating!

Do you remember those ace rocks sticking out of the sea that I took thousands of photos of in Ang Thong? Well it turns out Krabi is where they live! Add monkeys and minus souvenir stands, and you've pretty much got paradise. I wish I could spend more time here.

Pranang Beach

Welcome to the Andaman Sea, and all the jagged rocks you can eat

Crags, caves and ludicrously green sea

Paddler's-eye view

Dave in a cave again

Excellent stalactite!

So that's what's missing! I knew my righteous ire was being malnourished

Who left this stuff here?
And how obscene do some of these offerings look? (I didn't notice that at the time)

Chicken Island

Some very fun snorkelling here, with stripy fish that wanted to be my friend. Or did I want to be theirs? Who knows. (Definitely the second option).

It's clear how this place got its name, but the same pareidolia courtesy doesn't seem to have been offered to other random limestone formations in the area. Here are some suggestions:

Shai-Hulud Island(s)

Little Michigan

Dipping Diplodocus Island

Ernie's Hair

Poo Island

Koh Poda
(Poda Island)

Beached boats

Beached urchin

Beached... tractor?

Here's a new game I like to call: tsunami or tsu-notty?
(My guess is tsu-notty)

Decapitated palm

Monkey likes eating takeaway

Monkey family values

Dave in a cave again again

Koh Tup
(Tup Island)

I just said that

This place is connected by sand banks, like Koh Nang Yuan

Check out how shallow the water is! It isn't empty either...

Fish in flight

Fish in fight

Dave gets a fish massage.
But where's my goddamn happy ending???


  1. It's no use pretending, Dave, everyone knows that Krabi is impossible to get to at the moment and that it's probably all completely underwater at the moment. Yesterday I saw roads with way more water than your 'beach'. You've clearly taken those from a travel website while sitting in your flat in Edinburgh and all your rubbish photoshops are just a cover up for when you do amazing ones like those above. I can't see think of any proof that you are actually in Thailand.

  2. My bus had to take a more roundabout route to Krabi, thanks to what you did to Surat Thani (arriving 6 hours later than scheduled, but there were amazing views so it was okay).

    But I'm confused by all the people here saying they can't get buses to Bangkok - can't they go the way I just came? I thought roads had two lanes?

  3. Maybe everything spread over/closed in again just as you came? I spoke to some people who were going to try to get to Krabi from Surat Thani by bus, so presumably those roads were looking better. That, or they were complete fools.

  4. That does sound pretty foolish. Then again, if I tried it I would probably be fine, because I am indestructible.


    I'm just providing loads of fuel, so that when I do inevitably get involved in a catastrophe, silly people can point to this blog and say "ooh, well he had it coming."

  5. Well now that *someone* is no longer cursed, someone else ("God"?) is going to need to find a new plaything. Good luck with your application!

  6. Didn't I tell you Krabi is awesome? I know floods have changed Krabi for a little, but I know when I'm back there next year it will be as good (or maybe even better). I thought you said yo don't have a camera anymore(maybe Oliver's right that you just stole these photos from nowhere?).

    Geez, I miss Krabi more from those photos...

  7. Nice try Columbo, but I bought a new camera!

    I miss Krabi too, mainly because I hardly saw any of it. I only had one day out, and the rest of the time I had to work. I didn't even make it to Railay Beach, climb any rocks or get stalked by creepy Spanish men - you had all the fun.

  8. What?! you went there and didn't even try to squeeze in Railey? That doesn't sounds good, if you did you could have had all the best experiences one could ever have there! Yes, you might meet that creepy Spanish guy and will try to be alone with you and he'll find it romantic while you will find it yucky!

  9. Hi, beautiful pictures indeed. Would you mind telling me where the exactly the 4th picture in the chicken Island series is? It is the pic of a beach with 2 people swimming further up, it is a gorgeous image.
    Anand varma

    1. It's just off the shore of Koh Tup, you can see the same island again further down the post. This was a '4 Islands' day trip in Krabi.