Thursday, March 17, 2011

You wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Thong

Approaching Wua Ta Lap

I was sad to leave these idyllic islands behind, especially with the knowledge that I'll be back in bloody Bangkok after a full day of travelling. But that didn't curb my enthusiasm for the second leg of my Ang Thong trip, especially as there was plenty to keep me entertained - there was even a cave!

Wua Ta Lap

Wua Ta Lap beach from Pha Jun-Jaras Nature Trail viewpoint at 100 metres (of 500)...

...200 metres (of 500)...

Sod it, I'm not climbing the whole thing.
I'm under time pressure, and there's disappointing snorkelling to be done

I snorkelled here, but conditions weren't as good as Koh Tao

Bua Boke Cave (Lotus Cave). Check out the stalactites!

That's one of those things you always remember from school, isn't it? I can't remember how to calculate air resistance for that guy with the parachute, or what Euclid said about angles, but stalactites and stalagmites are tattooed on my neurons forever


Dave sups from nature's Lilt can

Departing Wua Ta Lap.
Look: even more cool rocks


Next stop: Bangkok


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