Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well, that about wraps it up for Australia

I'll definitely come back to Australia some time, to do all the obvious tourist things. I wasn't feeling much like a tourist this time, as I was back to travelling alone and a little dismayed by the cost of everything compared to the unfair Asian prices I've been spoiled by the last two and a half years. With Air Asia's absurd fares to travel a quarter of the way around the world, getting here is the cheap part.

Instead, I treated Australia as sanity/sanitary leave between visits to poorer and more corrupt parts of the world, and as the chance to catch up with old friends from my past life in Edinburgh, when I was apparently slightly different (Andie thought so, at least).

These encounters involved a lot more board games than I would have expected, and reminded me of some ace past times I'd largely forgotten. I may have got bored in my last year in Edinburgh after most people moved away, but before that it was frequently fantastic, and I have to remember that. I'll definitely go back there some time too.


The best thing in Lismore

Apart from Lana and Andie's pad

Surfers Paradise

As soon as we crossed the border to Queensland, the twats became even more pronounced

A childish day out again again again again again again again again again again again again again. I am twenty-seven years old

The best thing in the Gold Coast


Queensland - The Sunshine State

Oh god, what have I done?

Australia route map

A Sydney
B Blue Mountains
C Southern Highlands
D Newcastle
E Byron Bay
F Nimbin
G Lismore
H Surfers Paradise
I Coolangatta

Yeah, I should probably come back


  1. The folk we're house sitting for drove from the West Coast of Australia to the East Coast, in a wee tin can of a caravan. Not sure if it sounds like fun, or something out of my worst nightmare.

    1. I discussed with some of these Aussie friends my vague plan to one day drive across the United States and tick off all 50-whatever states, despite not being able to drive and not being prepared to learn even to make my own half-hearted dreams come true. They were confident that a randomer with a similar goal would be happy to do all the driving if I put an ad online saying I'd pay for everything like the car, fuel and accommodation.

      The biggest problem would be finding a randomer I liked and who was actually prepared to spend long stretches in a car with an antisocial guy bashing away writing articles on his laptop. I can envisage fights along the lines of "This work is paying for your trip, so shut up and appreciate it!" and "I'm not your chauffeur!"/"Shut up, Parker! Eyes on the road."

      Hmm... maybe I should really learn to drive. Or just force my girlfriend to learn and drive me around, I like that idea better.

  2. Byron Bay is my favorite! Coolangatta is where I flew back to Asia. Surfer's Paradise is cool and stayed few days in Lismore. But I spent mostly my 3 months in OZ in Brisbane. I love Australia, I'd defo go back too specially now that my brother is moving to Sydney to work as a chef. It WILL happen!