Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busan-d one more thing

It's very easy to get around in South Korea since they installed Stargates in all major city centres. It's faster than the KTX, but there is the minor possibility that your atoms could be scrambled or scattered across the cosmos, or that flange-voiced aliens imitating the Ancient Egyptian gods could enslave your planet. But that's the price of progress.

I'll probably be back in Busan before the month is out to take the ferry across to the amusingly named Fukuoka and begin my Japan tour, but this city in South-East South Korea was a nice end to my Christmas holiday. That's right, I'm still on December - rest assured I've done practically nothing but sit around in my pants and eat bulgogi in the weeks since, so we'll soon be up to date.

Beomosa Temple

One of Korea's Big Five temples (I saw a couple of others in Seoul)

You can do a temple stay here, if you're more enlightened than me

Dok-sung shrine

Seven-storey pagoda

Anti-Semitic tree (I know, I know)

Narnian lamppost

Haeundae Beach

One of Korea's most popular beaches, even in the winter.
I'd hate to see what this place looks like in July

Having been disappointed by the global ubiquity of pigeons, I was pleased to see that Korean seagulls look different to British ones. Unfortunately, their manners are pretty much the same

I wasn't bold enough to try sannakji (check it out - it's basically Klingon food), but I couldn't leave Busan without sampling its famous sashimi. Even though I don't really like sashimi

If someone offers you 멍게 (sea squirt), politely decline their offer and call the authorities.
What the hell is a sea squirt anyway?

Apparently, it's this. Nyum nyum nyum!


  1. Hi Dave:-> I'm one of Korean girls in Nahbi guesthouse (Young eun)! it was nice meeting u

    1. How could I forget?

      I'm still there. Maybe I'll never leave.