Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mamma mia

After 26 years, I'd just about grudgingly accepted that hills in the real world don't look like the perfectly round domes found only in children's drawings, Postman Pat and Super Mario games.

Then I visited the Chocolate Hills in Bohol and realised I was right all along. Take that, experience! Let's a-go.

Except the clouds didn't really have eyes
(unless they were just looking the other way?)

Chocolate Hills,

As weird and attractive as this place is, the fact that I visited on a typically rainy day means these photos aren't as impressive as they could have been. But you don't come here for high quality photos, do you? You come here after optimistically searching for sexy teachers and cheerleaders and leave slightly disappointed. So sod you!

I don't understand, it never rained in Super Mario World

This one was shaped like a breast

This one was shaped like a breast

Lobok river cruise

A chance to see more of Bohol's landscape (less extraterrestrial this time) with a pleasant trip down the river. They even gave me food and staged a half-hearted dance performance for presumably the fiftieth time that afternoon.

Jesus, it's like that bit in The Wicker Man

Let's feed the tourist hilarious foods. This could be a turd in batter for all I know.
Doesn't matter, it was still nice

Water's been sort of a theme of my Philippines trip, hasn't it?


  1. I'm laughing all the way reading this post! lol specially the food caption, you're funny. About the water, well, you're in the country with 7,107 expect waters everywhere, only you didnt have to go somewhere and you had too much from the timing you have going here! good job dave! at least, you get to do something than just staying in the worst part of the country(Manila)!lol