Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raymond Luxury Yacht

No no no, it's spelled 'Raymond Luxury Yacht' but it's pronounced 'Mangrove River Cruise.'

I didn't see as much wildlife as I hoped, and the stuff I did see was usually too wriggly or shrouded to take a decent photo. But it was still a jolly trip down the river.

Mangrove river cruise,

Throatwobbler mangrove snake sleeps rather than bite and poison me to death. Considerate

Small and naïve monitor lizard hasn't learned to distrust humans yet

Another one takes a dip

Don't eat this fruit. It will kill you

Don't eat these fruit/beans/things either. They look horrible

He lives in a river, but he still demands satellite TV

Chinese tourists spent the whole trip taking photos of themselves...

The vain, self-important -
Excuse me, could you take my photo? Thanks!

After the sun went down, I went back down the river on a firefly watching trip, where my cheap, crappy camera was obviously irrelevant.

The photos were so pointless, in fact, that I might as well have drawn some white dots on a black background and uploaded that instead.

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