Saturday, February 19, 2011


What the hell am I looking at? (Taipei Main Station)

A final anthology of more unusual/daft things I've witnessed with my eyes in Taiwan.

Metal balloon dogs go at it. (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei)

I was so hungry (and curious), I ate this having absolutely no idea what it was.
I found out later, and it wasn't as bad as I feared.
Any guesses?

Look, he's got a triangular hat on because he's Chinese.
If I'd drawn that, it would be considered racist. Can you be racist against yourself?

Of all the culture shocks, it might be the innocent swastikas that took the most getting used to. The powerful symbol is rendered less harrowing in amusing pink (Yuanshan)

Taipei typos

I thought this was a riff on 'nought to sixty' at first, but it's really not is it? It's just strange

Like Love Hotels, foot fetish clubs are unashamedly out in the open

The only I trust, that's for sure.
So I'm just making fun of imperfect language skills now then?

Nah, this one I just enjoy for its simple truth

Waste not, want not. Don't eat one on an empty stomach

With that first name, what other career choice did poor Yang have?

You know what you thought you saw

You as well know what you thought you saw


  1. It looks like a cross between a stick, a banana and a massive insect.

  2. A: I assumed it was an insect/arthropod of some kind when I ate it, but I was dead wrong. It's number 7 on the list here:

    Slightly upsetting as it may be (just because I like the animal), I'm not sure it's 'weird' enough to place on that list. Neither is stinky tofu, that just stinks.

  3. Yes I am reading this your mum!! Makes me smile though I couldn't eat the number 7 or anything else on that menu yuk.

  4. Ha! Rooster balls! Did you try them?

  5. I don't think so, but so many of my meals are chosen by random pointing that I might have eaten anything. I hope I haven't eaten turtle (apparently it's unlikely).