Sunday, January 16, 2011

Travel quiz answers

I know you've been losing sleep over where that elusive chimp was hiding and other pressing concerns, so here are the (in some cases nonsensical) answers.

Hunt the Chimp:

The chimp is in the tree!

I can't help feeling that this picture was given signficantly less attention than the first one. The pot for his bath and rod for fish'ing are nowhere in sight, and I haven't even bothered to exhaustively label everything.

How did you do?

Doctor Disguise and His Brain:

If you remember, we were looking for: How many nuts could you fit in each of them?

'Them' being the farcical figures that comprised Doctor Disguise's stupid digestive system. (Who is Doctor Disguise?)

What? So Spitty could hold more than twice as many nuts as Brain? And how can lil' Franky hold that many by comparison? What is this situation?

Where's Dave I - Roman Romps:

Did you find where's Where's Dave where is he? And Centurion Davius and Woof Dave, his canine companion? The fact that they're the only characters in this image to possess unprofessionally different levels of brightness, contrast and sharpness compared to all the rest might have given you a clue. Here they where's:

Where's Dave II - Martian Magnet Misbehaviour:

There was an alien and a pizza or something, I can't remember. Here they are:

Where's Dave confounds expectations in this one by not even being on the plate at all, and hiding in the bottom corner. What a cheeky monkey!

I'll probably never be bored enough to do any more of these.

Who am I kidding?

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