Pointless e-books

My first two years of travelling and writing about it can be DOWNLOADED FREE!

Freelance Flaneur - Year One

(47 MB)

Covers September 2010 to September 2011 in Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Singapore again (plus 20 minutes in Cambodia).

It's almost entirely the same stuff you can already read here, but more annoying to navigate. I really did spend far too long on this pointless project over the last few weeks, when I should have been working or just trying to enjoy life rather than getting pissed off by disappearing text boxes. But look what's included:

  • 268 PAGES!
  • SOME! new photos (but mostly loads taken out)
  • LESS! content overall
  • ANGRY COMMENTS! left by dicks
  • ILLEGAL! third party copyright images used without permission
  • LIMITED EDITION! in that it's loads more limited than a website

Freelance Flaneur - Year Two

(62 MB)

Covers September 2011 to September 2012 in the Philippines, Borneo, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, China and Laos.

  • 280 PAGES!
  • BRAND NEW! lazy introduction
  • UNSEEN BLOGS! for a couple of weeks until they go online anyway
  • MORE! needlessly thorough appendices
  • MORE! illegal third party copyright images used without permission
  • STILL NO HYPERTEXT OR LINKS! for difficulty of navigation

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