Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kind of red

Day two in the Blue Mountains as I continue to tick off the region's most easily accessible, well-travelled tourist trails and leave the more creative bush walking experiences for less lazy people with ambition and cars.

At least I saw some wildlife this time, even if it was only birds, lizards and insects.

Wentworth Falls,
Blue Mountains National Park

That's more like it: following in the footsteps of a historical figure I've actually heard of and admire. Come on, A Christmas Carol is just classic

I know who Darwin is really. So as a tribute, I kept my eyes peeled for critters - he wouldn't have been so interested in this route if there wasn't wildlife to see along the way, right?

Bird chomps some plants

Bee chomps some pollen

Lizard not chomping anything. Lizards are rubbish now

And a centaur or two (don't ask; I don't know)

Is it Wentworth Falls yet?

On second thought, it's probably THAT

Nice try, cockatoo. No one cares about you any more

Photos can't do this place justice or give a sense of its scale, even if I'd done one of my legendary crap panoramas

I paused in awe here for slightly too long. Long enough to start thinking how glad I was that I'm in control of my mind and body, and wasn't in danger of doing anything stupid like jumping, because that would be crazy. Somehow this morbid thought process didn't comfort me and I started to fear heights for the first time

So I headed down to enjoy the spatter

There was no thrilling train ride back up this time, so I'd have to conquer this cliff face as nature intended: steps and a handrail

Today's irrelevant soundtrack: Robert A. Heinlein, 'By His Bootstraps' (Beyond 2000 dramatisation)

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