Saturday, December 8, 2012

A childish day out again again again again again again again again again again

That's right, I spent my final, precious afternoon in Myanmar laughing at wheezing gibbons in rusty old cages in a dingy zoo that hasn't been noticeably renovated since before the First World War.

I pretend I'm interested in comparing how animals are treated in different parts of the world, but really I just like to discover obscure mammals I've never heard of before and see monkeys having amusing intercourse, so Yangon Zoo satisfied my fairly low requirements.

For anyone who's sick to death of golden stupas by now, this post comes with a stupa-free guarantee. I'm pagodad out.

Yangon Zoological Gardens

Hungry hippos

Inquisitive hog bodger (favourite)

Precarious elephants

Ominous vultures

Battling bears (don't they just look like guys in suits? Maybe they ran out of animal budget)

Dilapidated lion

Prickly porcupine

Howling 'n' rasping gibbon. Please, someone fetch him a glass of water

Myanmar route map

A Kawthoung
B Yangon
C Mandalay
D Bagan

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