Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dave in a cave again ag… however many we’re up to

The counting system for my caving blogs is a lot less formalised than for my childish days out. These are more jazz. Here’s another couple of well jazzy caves I visited, hollowed into the not-floating islands of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. They make the punier caves in Vang Vieng look like something a cartoon mouse would chomp out of a skirting board.

Thiên Cung

This cave was just ace, mostly due to its colossal size but admittedly helped by the colourful lighting that easily pleases me. The tour guide tried to concoct amusing or obvious pareidolia illusions out of the shapes, but the only one that really stood out to me was a jellyfish, which I'm not totally convinced isn't the fossilised remains of some kind of Leviathan whose descendants still prowl these waters. As for the rest, just enjoy the pleasing colours when I managed to find something to steady my camera on and take photos that weren't completely unusable.

Ðau Go

Anything was going to be a disappointment after the previous cave, unless it was a gateway to the underworld where the demons and the dinosaurs play. But it was still impressively doc-off (Does anyone else know that means 'big' or did my primary school just invent it? What's he talking about?), and there was daylight this time so at least I could get a blurry Dave in a cave shot for the scrapbook:

It's a good job my name isn't Daniel, it'd be a pain having to track down spaniels in every country I visit for compulsory rhyming photos. It's not just me that does these, right?

In Laos they poke incense into stalactite crannies to keep out ghosts.
I assume this fag serves a similar purpose

View of more floating rocks. I got most of these out of the way in the last post, but there are still several thousand more where those came from

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