Friday, July 20, 2012

Just as sloshed as Schlegel

I didn't feel noticeably wiser after traversing the Path of Philosophy (哲学の道) in Higashiyama, which connects many of Kyoto's most significant historical sites, though that could have been partly due to the fact that my soundtrack to the journey was Daniel Defoe's celebrated imperialist horror Robinson Crusoe, and the rage was clouding my judgement.

Don't read it unless you're the sort of person who thinks the extermination of backwards indigenous cultures by the progressive regime of Catholicism is a good thing, especially if you've visited countries where this has actually happened. If that sounds like you, you can stop reading my blog while you're at it.

Despite my unwise choice of audiobook, this was a nice walk and a pleasant way to spend my last few days in Japan. This time. It's ridiculous and very bad news for our planet that it's cheaper for me to leave this country and come back again later than it is just to take a train between cities. I'm screwing our environment and putting human civilisation in jeopardy. I'm like a 21st century Crusoe.

I won't lie to you, this post is pretty much all temples, shrines and pagodas again. But if you behave, I might throw in some more unpleasant schoolgirl costumes. Aren't you lucky?


Japanese dead stuff at Nishi-Otani Mausoleum

Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple

Yasaka Shinto shrine

Is that in case it comes alive or something?

Maruyama Park, feat. a duck


Hostile roof. I think we'd get along

Nicely mossy Shoren-in

Weeing dragon at Heian shrine. Sorry, that's a bit childish, isn't it? I think my concentration was waning, but hopefully things will get more mature from this point on

Cock rocks

When I reached the end of the philosopher's path, my mind was receptive to any stimuli.
This seemed as good a motto to live your life by as any

It's Morally Dubious School Disco Night every night in Japan!
The plastic wrapping is a thoughtful touch - makes them easier to wipe clean

Irritating pavement cyclists are good for the environment, but not so great if you're a pedestrian cocky enough to walk on the pavement, of all places.

Oh dear - after singing Japan's praises for a few weeks after the horror of Sri Lanka, it looks like the bubble's burst and I'm getting pissed off by petty things now. Time to leave!

Japan route map, part II

C Tokyo/Takao
D Kyoto

To be continued?

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