Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taejongdae is a good day to die

...or at least to do unspecified damage to your ankle. I hoped to explore Busan's scenic areas by hopping between city tour buses along the Taejongdae and Haeundae routes, but had to cut things abruptly short when it became clear I couldn't actually walk any more and literally had to hop into a taxi. Never mind, I still saw some pretty nice things.


Cheerily named Suicide Rock.
Taejongdae is the Brighton of South Korea

Deungdae lighthouse and... whatever that thing is

Siren of the lighthouse lures over-eager 26-year-olds to their demise
(are you still going on about your bloody ankle?)

Solitary island

Taejongsa Temple

This temple looked alluring at the end of the tram route, but there wasn't a lot to see

Especially as careless wandering soon made it clear that there were military exercises going on. Apparently, that's what these signs tried to warn me about

Tempting bell


The home of the Pusan/Busan International Film Festival has had to keep up with linguists' ever-changing attitudes toward Anglicisation of Hangul.

Personally, I was disappointed to discover this entire area wasn't a grand celebration of the antagonist from the Back to the Future films. Buttheads.

A few famous people's handprints, mostly Asian film stars and directors I've never heard of with a few internationally renowned Hollywood film stars and directors I've never heard of either. I don't exactly keep up

Slightly too fresh seafood at Jagalchi Market

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