Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You must be Malaystaken

Another smugly superior, borderline racist guffawing at the poor English skills, accidental double entendres and deliberate copyright infringements of foreign shop owners, this time across Peninsular Malaysia.

I hope you remembered to clothes you shoes, or you're in big trouble with the lighthouse keeper! My shoes were well and truly clothesed (Monkey Beach, Penang)

Could be worse - at least they didn't go with '9-Eleven' (Ipoh)

I see no problems here. They gave me a great price on an hPad


There isn't an estate agent in the land who'd dispute that assessment
(Ironically, this is probably the best house in Kota Bharu)

Really don't know what they're getting at here (Kota Bharu)

Calm down, I'm just browsing (Malacca)

This guy never quite achieved the success of his contemporary TS Eliot. For some reason (Malacca)

Two years free from mould, and counting (Malacca)

That's all you go to art galleries to see anyway, admit it (Malacca)

I'm normally quite cynical about alternative medicine, but this screwball and his Breville toastie sandwich maker have won me over (Cherating)

Is it just me, or did this guy forget to customise his customisable sticker before placing his order? (Kuala Tahan)

How old am I again? (Subang Jaya)


  1. I think we have them here too, only not that worse, not in major signs NO(I think). Laos have those them everywhere too.

  2. I forgot to get pictures, but in Sardinia there was a restaurant called 'Pizza Taxi Willy' (how every Scottish girl likes to end her evening of responsible drinking) and a hotel advertising their (Geocities) website.

  3. Ha ha - yeah, it's great when you see a business plastering the owner's unprofessional, hastily made up website or email address on their signs.

    In Bangkok, me and Oliver saw one that was like 'machinegunkilla_483@yahoo.com' (okay, not that, but something stupid).

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