Monday, April 25, 2011

Malaysia's Got Singers

'What is there to do in Kota Bharu on a Saturday night?' you may find yourself furiously shrieking if you wind up in Malaysia's most conservative and tedious city.

Well calm down, unchain that brick from your ankle and step back from the disgusting river bank, the answer is simple: head to the Cultural Centre to see weird old guys and sweet girls singing the traditional Kelantan hits in a face-off that smacks of that well-known TV programme, Britain's Got Singers.

(That's what it's called, right? That's what you idiots watch, right?)

It's about time this blog went multimedia. Check 'em out!

Glasses Guy
feat. Blue Guys

Lethargic Guy
feat. Red Guys

Sweet Girl

Weird Old Guy

But which one is the best?

Ahh, give it to the girl. I don't want her tears on my conscience.

Next stop: Kuala Lumpur

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