Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taroko: Regorged

I don't like going backwards. When I was in Egypt, returning to Cairo for a single night to catch a flight was enough to give me recurring nightmares about accidentally finding myself back in that crazy city, and I've had even worse dreams about realising I'm back in the UK.

But this week, faced with the choice of heading back up north on the efficient high-speed railways of Taiwan's industrialised, little-explored west coast or trundling my way back through the familiar mountains of the east, I gave myself permission to retrace my steps.

I've got four more weeks to kill after all, and one day at Taroko Gorge really wasn't enough.

Cars for perspective

Shakadang Trail

Again, the landscape miraculously conforms to my needs.
If only the ceiling wasn't a couple of inches short, I'd suspect intelligent design

How much more blue could it be?
The answer is none: none more blue

'Oh, hello there - you just caught me hiking.'
(Yeah, like this is CCTV footage or something)

Good advice. I expect

Eternal Spring Shrine Trail (Backwards)

Pseudo-perilous bridge to/from Changuang Temple.
 If only there was an amazing photo of me risking my life on the stable walkway

This'll have to do.

Bell Tower

Told you. Goddamn sceptics

Wee temple

Eternal Spring Shrine gushes forth

Cave statues.
I wish I lived in a cave. Bloody statues have all the fun

Someone evidently thought giant fighting bugs were an appropriate touch at this memorial site for fallen veterans.

They were correct

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