Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wet lovin' in Kaohsiung

Another misleading title that's bound to disappoint however you look at it. Unless your fetish is for giant, eco-friendly fish-men - in which case, get your ass to Love River.

Love River

It may sound like the title of the worst 80s band's least imaginative power ballad, but this 17-kilometre river winding its way through Kaohsiung is a blessing to my psychogeography. All cities should be obligated to have rivers, otherwise how are you supposed to navigate? By driving or something? (I'm looking at you, Athens).

Whale-hugging Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior (presumably not named after the Týr song) spreads the wet love in Kaohsiung

Human-hugging fish guy has too much love to give

Kaohsiung Harbour by non-sexy day...

...That's more like it!
Love Pier by sexy night

Turtex 85 and Bai-Li, bai-night.
(Turns out my rubbish Egyptian camera can take pleasant night photos when it feels like it)

Bridge over lovin' water

Evil love fish, Kaohsiung Twin Tower and Ambassador Hotel

Fisherman's Wharf

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