Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nangang nonos

I've moved to Nangang (East Taipei) to keep life artifically interesting. Here are some local strange shop names.

Reminded me of Oliver.

Be reminiscent of Is Glasses.


Unfortunate name for a luxury hotel brand.

Maybe the monopolies commission should look into this...

Okay, sorted.

I knew all Taiwanese girls were hellspawn.

Yeah, cause everyone back in the English-speaking world has a full working knowledge of how apostrophes work, don't they? Im so's mart. Still, lol etc.


  1. Did you have anything from the amazing bakery-coffee shop? It looks incredible.

  2. As far as I can tell, no one bearded works there. What a cheat.

  3. Sometimes the world is just rubbish.

    Maybe you should grow a beard and walk in and demand some free stuff. That almost worked when I went to O'Scotland, a Scotch-themed pub in Lille. Except none of the bar staff had actually heard of

    Neither had the owners, obviously. No Scotch beers, a big Guinness sign outside, a couple of Scotch Scotches and a cocktail menu with drinks such as Le Loch Ness and Le Glasgow.